Our actual Volkswagens (when I got married, I lost a half of every one :-)

T1 early split "Barndoor" Micro-bus Type 221

The yellow one is a T2ab Westfalia modified - running great with a 1.7 litre

T2b Doka 4 door with Porsche 914 GW engine

T25 (T3) Crewcab Syncro 16 Inches 4 Door-Version

T25 (T3) Syncro Caravelle GL WBX with rear limited slip differential

T25 (T3) LLE spec Werksangehörigen-Bus

T5 Transporter 2013, with 2 litre common-rail 140 PS engine

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T1 Barndoor

Bus T2ab Westi gäle Camper

T2b Doka four doors